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How to Steep a Perfect Pot of Tea
Fine quality loose leaf tea
Good tasting tap water or filtered water
Sugar or sweetening to taste

Recommended Equipment
Tea kettle
Tea Pot
One teaspoon measuring spoon
Tea infuser (optional)

1. Before steeping the tea, warm the pot by filling it with hot water for a few minutes. Discard water before steeping the tea.

2. While pot is warming, bring filtered water (or good-tasting tap water) to a boil in a tea kettle (Use 6 ounces of water per cup of tea).

3. Measure 1 rounded teaspoon of tea per cup into a T-sac or other type of infuser and place in tea pot. If no infuser is available, you can just put the loose leaves into the pot. The amount of tea does not have to be exact; strength is personal preference.

4. Pour water over the tea. For black tea and herbal tisanes, bring water to a full boil or 212 degrees. For oolong, green and white tea, use the following temperature guide:

Oolong Tea: 195-210 degrees
Green Tea: 180 degrees
White Tea: 160 degrees

In general, let black and flavored tea steep for 4-5 minutes; oolong, green and white tea 3-4 minutes. However, follow steeping times that accompany the specific tea you are making. Don't let it steep too long or it will become bitter!

5. After steeping, remove the tea infuser or T-sac and discard the wet leaves into the trash can. A permanent filter can be rinsed and reused; a T-sac is disposable. If you have placed loose leaves directly into the pot, decant the tea using a strainer as you pour the tea into a teacup or into another pot and then clean the tea leaves out of the pot.

6. Add lemon and sugar if desired, stir tea and enjoy.