Gardening at the House at Orange Mound


One of our original visions for the women of Orange Mound was to connect them to  their own small tracts of land and the many joys of gardening. Most of us  volunteering were not veteran gardeners, but city girls who could google and follow the many prompts on the internet.

Opening the eyes of our Sisters to the simplicity of planting a seed in good soil, watering and waiting became another noble endeavor, and we learned, with our new friends the extraordinary  principles of the harvest.

Phyllis grew up working in her grandmother’s garden, and when she began gardening  with several of our ladies in the yards at the House of Orange Mound, fond memories of childhood  were rekindled. Now Phyllis has her own garden at her home in Orange Mound, and she is pickling cucumbers, canning tomatoes, and sharing her bounty of beans.

We are once again in awe of the connectedness the Lord provides for us as we follow His lead. Our community in Orange Mound is discovering that sowing brings reaping, and the Laws of the Harvest far exceed planting a few beans and bringing home bushels. Seeds planted of love, laughter, hard work, and trust are germinating into crops of hope and strength and courage.

We are witnessing a storehouse of strong women who are affecting the present and the future for our city, their families and the many who will follow their lead. The Storehouse Gates are cracking open and there is much more to come.

Posted by Carey Moore at 1:07 PM
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