Introducing Our Neighbors to My Cup of Tea in Memphis


Introducing Our Neighbors to My Cup of Tea in Memphis

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As we market our tea across the Memphis market, we have no lack of confidence in our product. Our tea is indeed the finest, our blenders use the best ingredients of leaf, fruit, herb and spice, and our tea recipes and pairing possibilities are unrivaled.

Believing in the team behind the business of My Cup of Tea and becoming so passionate about the quality of our product has made saleswomen out of each and every one of us, no matter what our backgrounds, educational levels, or previous professional experiences.

Passion for Our Products and Our People

women of orange mound | Memphis ministry | My Cup of TeaSome of our sisters have truly begun to take it to the next level by not only completing the tasks before them in the business, but also coming up with fresh ideas for introducing our teas to new people in new places. In fact, do you remember our sister Rosalyn from our post about her story earlier this summer? She has already begun to do the great things she spoke of in her video interview.

Recently widowed, and a grandmother of three, Rosalyn is our new top saleswoman in this Orange Mound social enterprise. Her countenance glows as she reports back to the House and gathers more of our specialty tea to supply the small businesses in the 38111 area around us.

Truthfully, we are a little abashed that we didn’t start our tea sales with our neighbors in the first place, as we know they have every desire to support our mission. You could say we were missing the trees for the forest, but thanks to Rosalyn we’re now leaving no rock unturned in that forest! Cheers to Rosalyn, who has introduced our tea brand to new customers, and furthered our mission of Christian female empowerment among the community who profits most from our investment in historic Orange Mound.

Would You Like to Sell Specialty Tea?

If your business would like to sell My Cup of Tea products, we would love to speak with you! Please fill out our tea reseller form and we’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, make sure to stop by one of our local Memphis retailers to try some of our best tea flavors or shop our tea online here on our website.

Posted by Carey Moore at 1:25 PM
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