Orange Mound Ladies on a Mission

Due to a number of other opportunities in Memphis for our gifted craftsmen and brothers in Orange Mound,  we had to rethink the construction of our popular barn wood boxes (also known as our Corporate Tea Samplers) which offer 50 tea bags for $50. Almost needless to say, we decided to embrace the challenge ourselves.

corporate tea service | My Cup of Tea

Time to Tackle Tea Boxes

Several trips to Home Depot later, with a "We can do this" mantra and the encouraging instruction of our lead carpenter Allison Willson, a volunteer at the House, the ladies of My Cup of Tea are now a carpenter's dream. The first steps were tentative until we discovered that our sister Sharon had made straight “A’s” in her high school “shop” class. She donned protective gloves and eye shields and led the charge.

woodworking in orange mound | My Cup of Tea

While carefully yet willfully learning to use our pneumatic nail guns, tools, and power saw, many of our Orange Mound sisters are discovering new skills and personal moxy. Finish-nail guns blazing, table saws buzzing, wood chips flying, sawdust blowing, ladies grinning, and barn boxes mounting...we’re really doing it! We have not missed a beat on sales, and the women are confident there will be more than boxes built by the women of Orange Mound.

Memphis woodworking | My Cup of Tea

And as we further My Cup of Tea’s commitment to stability, empowerment, and the finest teas imported to Memphis, we smile at our good fortune to work with the bold and courageous women of Orange Mound.

Memphis woodshop | My Cup of Tea Memphis

Posted by Carey Moore at 7:20 AM
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