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For a soothing tea with documented healing properties, look no further than green tea. Known as one of the oldest varieties of tea, dating back thousands of years as the tea of choice in China, green tea combines floral, fruity, and herbal flavors to create a balanced, calming beverage.

A perfect choice for someone looking for a lighter, more subtle option green tea comes in a range of flavors and types. Explore the shop to find your cup of tea today.

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Why Drink Green Tea?

Not only is green tea among the oldest tea varieties, it is also among the most sought after. Research has shown that green tea offers many health benefits.

According to data compiled by the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea’s health benefits stem from the many antioxidants found in the tea leaves. Based on several studies, green tea has been reported to combat heart disease, high cholesterol, some cancers, inflammatory diseases, and the effects of diabetes.

Green tea is even known to help spur weight loss in some by boosting metabolisms. While it has a lower caffeine level than most teas, green tea still has some caffeine and is a good option for those seeking an alternative to high-caffeine beverages.

What Flavors of Green Tea Does My Cup of Tea Offer?

My Cup of Tea’s green tea flavors range from fruity to herbal, giving a wide spectrum of choices for you to sip and enjoy. Explore the categories below to find your perfect cup!

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