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Mango Fruit Tea Single Serve Teabag

$10.00 USD
Single Serve Teabag/10ct/Box

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Mango fruit tea blend took First Place in the North American Tea Championship. Artfully blended and full of flavor, our Mango Fruit Tea outshines any fruit juice on the store shelves and is free of sugar yet naturally sweet by all the wonderful fruit blended together. Add boiling water and steep 8-10 minutes.  The longer the steep, the more flavorful the cup.  This fruit tea is naturally caffeine free and is  great hot or over ice. Refreshing and delightful! This tea also comes in our loose tea selection. Each single-serve teabag is 3.5 grams of our premium loose tea and lends to a double steep! Sip and savor this fine cup of tea.
Place teabag into cup; add boiling water and steep 8-10 minutes
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