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Organic Chamomile Pyramid Tea Sachets

$12.00 USD
20 count Organic Chamomile luxury Pyramid Tea Sachets

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Sit down and relax with a cup of Organic Chamomile tea. Mild and calming with a slight sweet and earthiness, this tea is a great tea for your evening unwind!. USDA Certified Organic, this tea is naturally caffeine free. Each Pyramid Tea Sachet has 3.3 grams of our fine premium loose tea which makes for easy brewing and can be used for a second steep! Even though the tea sachet looks like silk, they are made from corn starch which makes them compostable and eco green friendly. This tea also comes in our loose tea selection.
Place 1 tea sachet into your favorite cup or mug; add boiling water and steep 4-6 minutes.
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