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Wellness Tea Sample Jar

$12.00 USD
The Wellness Tea Sample Jar includes 10 varieties of My Cup of Tea flavors from the list below.

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Ayurvedic: Anti-Strain  |  Ginger Fresh  |  Yoga

Rooibos: Orange Cream  |  Chai  |  Raspberry Vanilla

Oolong: Lemon Basil

Green Tea: Gogiberry/Pomegranate/Blueberry  |  Gunpowder Mint  |  Japanese Cherry  |  Strawberry Lichee  |  Maple Walnut  |  Winterpine Almond Orange

Herbal Tea: Lemon  |  Orange Grapefruit

Fruit Tea: Mango  |  Cherry Kiwi Coconut  |  Strawberry  |  Peach  |  Roasted Almond

Follow the steeping instructions provided on each package in the wellness tea sample jar. Each teabag may be double steeped.
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