Women of Orange Mound

Phyllis Hubbard

Phyllis Hubbard is the Production Associate Co-Manager of My Cup of Tea. Phyllis has redefined her understanding of employment: from “tentative” to “secure," her giftedness from menial to informed, and her hopes from dreams to promises. She inspires us all with her quickness and her frugality. Phyllis is one of many who will build the company, and change Orange Mound once again into a neighborhood of opportunity.

April Powell

April is the loving mother of two young children. Despite the sometimes challenging commitment to balancing work and family life, April manages to be very dependable and even brings a sense of calm into our workplace. Her confidence in her own ability, her encouraging spirit and her keen insights into the abilities of her coworkers enlarge our capacity to work under pressure. April is a serene leader among us and garners respect by giving it first. Her natural giftedness in design work has supported our branding efforts, and she is ready to tackle anything that comes her way, from the simplest task to the most innovative project.

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