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My Cup of Tea, a small business of tea packaging and distribution, started in 2006, has become a social enterprise in Orange Mound and now exists to train women in the 38111 and 38104 zip codes. The official filing for the business license was in December, 2005. Mary Beth Bryce, the original owner, spent most of the first two years just doing research and training and trying to figure things out. Her first show was the Merry Marketplace 2006, and that was really done as a market test.  


My Cup of Tea was started as a marketplace ministry to serve the growing specialty tea niche market in the Memphis area. It was a natural outgrowth of my love for hospitality and my love for God. My goal was to inspire customers to use their teatime to deepen their own relationship with God and to develop stronger relationships with family and friends. Thus, the mission of My Cup of Tea was to promote the enjoyment of tea and the practice of hospitality.

“Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!”
― Agatha Christie


My Cup of Tea offers a wide variety of specialty teas and has both retail and wholesale customers in Tennessee and other states. However, we specialize in personal service; each customer is special to us and we know many of our loyal customers by name. Custom packaging and special items like gift baskets are available by request.

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Research and Training:

Mary Beth Bryce’s holds a B.S. in Home Economics and a Masters of Business Administration. She also attained the designation of Certified Tea Specialist from the Specialty Tea Association after completing a series of course work over several years.


Marketing over 30 varieties of specialty tea from all over the world, My Cup of Tea is the only Memphis-based tea company, and has a substantial customer base in retail, wholesale and in gift packaging. Operating in an original rehabilitated row house at 823 Semmes, our Vocational Training Center intersects an anemic neighborhood with a viable and proven new industry.

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