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901 of a Kind Coconut Almond

$12.00 USD
20 Count Luxury Pyramid Tea Sachet

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901 of a Kind Coconut Almond 20 Count Luxury Tea Sachets

Think island sun. Pounding surf. Shells on the beach. Warm sand. Laid-back days. Relax with this perfect tea, 901 of a Kind Coconut Almond. This wonderful black tea from area code 901 Memphis also pairs well with desserts. It compliments all things coconut - be it pie, macaroons, or cake. Truly a fan favorite! Seconds, please.  This beautful box of 20 count luxury tea sachets is a black tea blended with coconut rasps and almond flakes.  Each luxury tea sachet can lend to a second cup steep! Smooth, aromatic, and sheer delight in every cup!
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