Our Mission 

Our mission is to build lasting cross-cultural relationships with the women of Orange Mound and provide meaningful employment and job skills to help guide them out of poverty.

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We provide solidarity through community and enter authentic, long lasting relationships. 

The busy intersection of Semmes and Carnes is analogous to the confluence of two cultures: Black and White, broken and repaired at the House, as well as the intersection of Christ and hope into lives in despair. We can only make sense of our lives by understanding that our purpose, happiness, and hope are firmly attached to bringing God His glory.


Transforming and Repurposing lives:

We offer three months of vocational training:

  • computer literacy 
  • financial planning 
  • GED preparation 
  • life-recovery

All financial support is private - no federal or state funding.

Stages of Repurposing a woman who has lost her way:

1.  “Come in and sit awhile” A female resident of Orange Mound enters the House and attends classes on home economy, and is assessed for educational assistance. 

2.  "Have a Cup of Tea” She is offered classes in Worklife and begins Tea Life.

3.  “Serve a Cup of Tea with Me” She begins vocational training at the Vocational Training Center at 823 Semmes. 

4.  “Enjoy the nourishment of what tea will provide” Health, well being, and permanent employment

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