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Beloved by kids and adults alike, our herbal and fruit teas blend earthy and zesty flavors to make beautiful teas. Sometimes sweet and sometimes minty, the range of flavors allows you to find a seasonal favorites that will stay in your pantry’s rotation all year long.

WIth new options from our Memphis tea collection, along with our usual assortment of unique tea flavors, you can find a tea that suits every member of your family.

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Why Drink Herbal and Fruit Tea?

Whether celebrating the holidays or welcoming patio season, herbal and fruit teas are known to mark fun occasions throughout the year. Along with the seasonal flavors, different herbal and fruit teas can be enjoyed at different times of day.

Especially for people who rely on sodas for a caffeine fix, herbal and fruit teas can supply the same kick and desire for flavor. Unlike sodas, though, our teas are packed with antioxidants that can keep you healthy and feeling great.

For a healthier alternative, for kids and adults alike, herbal and fruit teas can satisfy a sweet tooth, while also providing warmth and comfort with every sip.

What Flavors of Herbal and Fruit Tea Does My Cup of Tea Offer?

As mentioned above, herbal and fruit teas can fit any occasion, time of year, or time of day – it all depends upon the flavor of tea you select! Browse our list of herbal and fruit teas; what flavor sounds best to you?

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