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What makes My Cup of Tea’s tea so special? Not only do our teas support our mission and provide a meaningful livelihood for many women in the Orange Mound neighborhood, but our teas are also crafted with care. 

Handpicked and blended with an array of herbs, fruits, and natural flavors, our tea varieties are anything but ordinary. Whether used to wake you up in the morning or to whip up an inventive cocktail at night, our teas are versatile and unique, instantly becoming a staple in any home. 

But what are the differences among our teas? Find out what types of tea we offer and which blend is right for you.

Black Tea

Black Tea 

Classic and versatile, black tea has been enjoyed across the globe for centuries. With strong, full flavors, it is a tea with depth, but with enough balance to complement any meal, any time of day. 

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Green TeaGreen Tea

For a light tea that still packs a caffeinated punch, green tea is known for its soothing, refreshing taste. Filled with antioxidants and myriad health benefits, adding green tea to your diet can work wonders.

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Herbal TeaHerbal and Fruit Tea

Rich, complex, and sweet in flavor, our herbal/fruit tea blends aromatic herbs with the natural sugars of fruit. A favorite among kids and adults alike, a batch of our herbal/fruit tea makes any gathering a happy one.

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Rooibos TeaRooibos Tea

Rooibos teas have been said to improve side effects of headaches, allergies, insomnia, and even skin ailments. Our varieties come in several flavors, blending chai and spices with fruits and cream for a rich, comforting taste.

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